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Bad citizen China said Covid-19 was “preventable and curable” while profiteering medical gear

The price for the coverup will be huge

Donald Trump crossed the Rubicon by pulling funding from the WHO and asking China to ‘fess up’. Now no respectable politician wants to be left out in the race to demand answers and the WHO is an open target too. The UN agency helped China hide the severity of this disease and advised nations not to stop flights with China. The World Health Organisation failed in the one job they were designed for.


Australia’s Foreign Minister will demand a global inquiry into the spread of COVID-19 – and says the World Health Organisation should play no part in it.

China told her the disease was both ‘preventable and curable’ during a conversation in late January.

As diplomatic faux pas go, it doesn’t get much worse than bringing a deadly disease to a party and telling everyone “it’s just the flu”. But China was scalping the medical gear too. Not only did China hide the true nature of the virus even as it shared the virus around. It harvested all the protective gear it knew the world would need, then held the world hostage. It even took donations from Italy, then made Italy pay to get their own donations back:

Italy gave China PPE to help with coronavirus — then China made them buy it back

, The Spectator

After COVID-19 made its way to Italy, decimating the country’s significant elderly population, China told the world it would donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help Italy stop its spread. Reports later indicated that China had actually sold, not donated, the PPE to Italy. A senior Trump administration official tells The Spectator that it is much worse than that: China forced Italy to buy back the PPE supply that it gave to China during the initial coronavirus outbreak.

But there is a flip-side– when China said ” it’s curable and preventable”, the follow-up question the media are not asking our politicians yet is: And you believed China?  Because if the Foreign Ministry and Health Departments had been doing the same research I was (like, watching the Twitter feed out of China) it would have been obvious China was not acting like it was preventable and curable. We don’t weld people in apartments when they get pneumonia.

At least a part of the rush to demand answers from China is because most of the leaders in the free world failed to protect their citizens, and The Scapegoat is now in sight.

Make that Scapegoats:

China needs a review, but the WHO are not the ones to do it.  At least Western Governments are now aware of how compromised the WHO is:

When pressed, Ms Payne said she does not believe the World Health Organisation should be involved, given their proximity to the crisis up until this point.

There are nearly a million signatures on the Sack Tedros Petition.

Imagine the anger if the virus turns out to be lab escapee, or something worse?


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