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Australia waited to boost mask production til now ?! — Greg Hunt and Brendan Murphy’s deadly incompetence

Australia has only one mask factory, and the Army was only sent in yesterday to start helping to ramp up production?

Six weeks after this disaster was obvious to bloggers-watching-twitter-feeds, the entirely predictable shortage of masks is only just starting to be addressed? Why weren’t they doing this a month ago?

Australian Defence Force soldiers have been deployed to help Australia’s only mask manufacturer, Med-Con, near Shepparton.

The Federal Government confirmed on Tuesday about a dozen ADF personnel would be called out under the Defence Assistance to the Civil Community rules to help Med-Con ramp up production of personal protective equipment.

Three army trucks were seen heading north on Old Dookie Rd about 7.20‚ÄČam Wednesday morning.

Australians are panic buying because the sheer incompetence of our medical advice and management is obvious to everyone. It didn’t occur to me to suggest the government get local mask production running because any sensible ten year old would have seen that coming.

The Greg Hunt mantra on Jan 31: WHO declares emergency. “We are prepared.”

March 5th: Dental practices face closure because of shortage of surgical masks.

March 18th: doctors are warning a promised influx of almost 100,000 COVID-19 test kits in the coming week, won’t be enough.




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