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Australia joins 96 countries in banning flights from South Korea

Leading the pack, at about number 92, Australia bans flights from South Korea

South Korea added to Australia’s coronavirus travel ban list, restrictions for travellers from Italy

[ABC News] The Federal Government has expanded its coronavirus travel ban to include South Korea, and added additional precautions for travellers from Italy, amid fears about the spread of the disease.

The revised bans will be in place until Saturday, March 14 but the Government will review the situation within a week to determine if the travel restrictions need to be extended further.

Since the government was at least one week too late with the Iranian block, how will the medical experts stay ahead of the curve on other countries with no testing? Eg Indonesia? Or in this case, Europe and Dubai?

First case of Coronavirus in Western Australia that was brought in accidentally:

The woman in her 30s from Perth’s southern suburbs returned a positive result after holidaying in Iceland and the UK, and returning to WA via Dubai on Monday.

It’s still a soft loopholey quarantine:

Foreign nationals who have been in mainland China, Iran and South Korea are not allowed into Australia for 14 days from the time they left those countries.

But if they can find another country to fly to, or a cruise ship, they can still come.

The Government has also upgraded its travel advice to South Korea and is now urging Australians to reconsider their need to travel to the country.

 How does that work? You can fly there but not fly home? Must be a misprint.

Groupies — Countries banning flights from South Korea jumped from 36- 96 today:

96 countries and territories have banned travelers from South Korea

[CNN] As many as 96 countries and territories have imposed entry restrictions or tougher quarantine measures on travelers coming from South Korea, Yonhap News Agency reported citing the foreign ministry.  As of 9 a.m. local time, 36 countries and territories, including Singapore and Hong Kong, imposed entry bans on those who had traveled to South Korea in the last 14 days, Yonhap said.

Real leaders move first.

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