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Trump, State of the Union — Win til you are sick of winning

Donald Trump’s State of the Union is being described as one of the best ever. It was a magnificent campaign speech. Even the LA Times calls it “a pretty effective one”. I don’t watch many political speeches, but this one could be a “how to” guide.

The dour faced white suits of the #Metoo look decidedly unAmerican and self centred when Trump announces great results for all their token mascots and they can’t even clap.  Nancy Pelosi petulantly rips up the speech that Trump had to provide her with at 1:42:50. Some news services are trimming that bit off…

Trump shamelessly plugs his heroes and basks in their greatness.  Rush Limbaugh gets a Presidential Medal of Honor. Buzz Aldrin singled out early at the start. (6:30)

“This year American Astronauts will go back to Space on American Rockets.”

John Hindraker:

This puts the Democrats in a tough spot. Through the first half of the speech, President Trump reeled off one item of good news after another: Record low unemployment! Lowest black unemployment ever! Lowest Hispanic unemployment ever! Rising wages, especially at the bottom! Median net worth skyrocketing! And so on. The Democrats greeted all of this with stony silence. When Trump announced that in the last three years, 10 million people have gotten off welfare, the Democrats looked as though they were ready to cry. …

Trump bragged about American energy production and said nothing, not a syllable, about climate change. Exactly as it should be. Compare this to the Obama 2010 SOTU and the odd moment when he mentioned the “overwhelming evidence” and the audience laughed.  He didn’t realize it would be funny. That was weeks after ClimateGate.

His administration has cut more regulations than any other administration during it’s entire tenure.

Companies are coming back…

Unleashed a revolution in American Energy — the USA is now the number one producuer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world. For the first time in 65 years we are a net exporter of energy.

But there is too much clapping. These Americans…  ;- )  Could anyone imagine that happening downunder?


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