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IPCC moves goalposts from 2 to 1.5C — just a part of the PR plan to get more headlines

Pick a number, any number — the message is always the same. In 2018 the IPCC dropped the arbitrary 2C target to an arbitrary 1.5C target. The world hadn’t warmed fast enough, and worse, the new round of CMIP6 models were pushing their estimates of climate sensitivity up. But regardless, there are PR points to be made in every change. It’s an excuse for another round of “worse than we thought” press releases.

Commenter Joe teased:

Have the IPCC now become deniers? looks like we can only expect only .5 degrees C warming over the coming decades….

and Bobl sagely replied:

February 11, 2020 at 5:31 pm

You’ve lost sight of the pea.

All the wild predictions are based on “Post Industrial” there has been about 0.95 deg since then, plus 0.5C brings us to the magic 1.5.

What you have to see is that all the $billions is about “preventing” an imperceptible and completely harmless 0.5 deg C change in temperature that might just come naturally anyway.

You are being duped. The aim frankly is to create an income stream via treaty that requires sovereign countries to levy taxes (Carbon credits) that are required to transit the UN so they can skim it like the charities do.

The whole thing is a UN shakedown.

Actual predictable consistency would be a disadvantage — they wouldn’t have the chance to reissue headlines that roll with cycles.

The numbers are irrelevant anyway in the quest for clickbait. To distracted, time-strung people every number bigger than 100 is “big”.

Watch the PR machine roll with the cycles

When Climate sensitivity goes up:

” It’s worse than we thought”

“Scientists have underestimated how bad CO2 will be”

“Seas will swallow your suburb”

When temperatures aren’t rising as fast as expected:

“Even a small amount of warming will be catastrophic”

“Even 1.5C will cause ( … insert disaster… more storms, more rain, less rain, more reckless fish).”

“We are closer to dangerous climate tipping point than we thought”.

“The margin of safety has just become smaller”

When climate sensitivity falls again (the cycle):

“new discovery means models have improved, are more accurate than ever”

“models find missing factor, are uncannily, reliable…”

“for the first time warming in the 1700s can be attributed to mankind”

When temperatures rise faster:

“scientists have underestimated the effect of CO2”

“climate change is accelerating”

“it’s the fastest rate since last week!”

In every situation above:

Apocalypse coming. Give us your money.

So silence those deniers, sack them, boycott companies that do business with them. Mock them, namecall, bully and coerce people to toe the line on the dogma, even if the line keeps changing, that’s part of the PR plan. As long as the media cycle is controlled by arrogant innumerate lefty-voting people the parasites win every round of the “cycle”.

It’s all about the framing, never the fact…



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