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Fires are not where the heat is, they’re where the fuel is

A thread for those who are watching the fire crisis.

Fires NSW

NSW Fires today Map Click to enlarge

Fires Map Victoria

Victorian fires, click to enlarge.

Fires flared again today in Australia, though have calmed in the last few hours. Outback NSW was wildly hot (Bourke and Ivanhoe reached 47C and 48C), but the fires are mostly in Alpine and SE coastal areas of Australia where temperatures ranged on Friday only up to maximums of 21C –  35C.

Fire conditions are bad tonight in NSW and Victoria. Cooler, but windier. Some gusts are up to 100km/hr. Rain has begun to fall in East Gippsland. Map details and links to updates are listed below. It’s obvious in the maps that massive areas of forest have already burned. The black areas on these maps are burnt, but not all to the same degree. The red areas on the NSW map look terrible but these are “potential spread areas”.

It’s not about the heat.

The fires are where the fuel loads are (and the arsonists and accidents).

Temperatures for the record: Maximums were 34C in Melbourne and 24 – 40C in Sydney. These are typical summer temperatures in Australia. The major emergencies are for the most part, in cooler areas. The maximum today in Albury  was 42C but up in the mountains at Perisher Valley  the maximum was 25C. The South Coast of NSW peaked at 24C – 35C. East Gippsland temperatures are only 21 -23C. Omeo (33C). Mt Hotham (22C) Wangaratta (40C). Winds were forecast to be between 35 – 50km/hr in the day time.

The key maps:

NSW Temperatures todayVictorian Temperatures.

Best wishes for everyone and everything in the line of fire…




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