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Forget cost and gigawatts — lets solve climate by turning toxic white men into soy boys

Stupid engineers think we need climate models that work and electricity that costs less than a dollar a kilowatt hour. All along we’ve been worried about FCAS, moist adiabatic lapse rates, voltage surges, and frequency drops, while the answer was staring us in the face.

The cheapest way to change the global climate is to call men petty names, bully them into submission and kick their truck nuts.

Here’s “genius” Megan MacKenzie: Professor of Gender and War at the University of Sydney showing us how little she knows about climate, men or war.

Is fragile masculinity the biggest obstacle to climate action?

Megan MacKenzie, ABC

Leaving fossil fuels in the ground symbolises a loss of power and money. Some male leaders see real climate action as a threat to power and to profit, through extraction and exploitation of the environment.

Male resistance to climate action has bipartisan support. Any hope that the Labor party might offer climate policy alternatives the Liberals went up in smoke in the past few months as Anthony Albanese announced he doesn’t want to phase out coal.

Researchers in Norway also found what they call a “cool dude effect” when it comes to climate change.

They show that white conservative men, especially those that think they understand the science of climate change, are the biggest climate deniers and the least likely to be moved by further research.

There are multiple examples of ‘cool climate dudes’ and petro-masculinity, including “right wingers…going crazy about meat”, by embracing diets called “the carnivore” or “the caveman” at the same time that vegans are belittled as “soyboys” and “beta males”.

We knew Sydney Uni and the ABC are intellectually primitive, incompetent, slaves to fashionthink, but this dumber than that.

Time to just say No. No more funds to Sydney Uni, no more funds to the ABC. No more funds to the human rights commission either. Sexist, racist, self-serving intolerance is apparently fine.

Toxic white men with balls are the reason Megan MacKenzie has the freedom to write noxious self-serving trollop and get paid for it.

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