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In grand attention-getting fashion statement Coldplay band says it won’t fly to Australia

Quick, who has a yacht to offer these poor celebrities?

Following Greta’s marketing example, Coldplay are getting headlines by refusing to fly to Australia. Climate-compassion-marketing is a good way to promote their next tour, especially among the young delusionals:

Coldplay won’t tour its new album until the band’s concerts can be environmentally ‘beneficial’

Paul Donoughue, ABC “News”

Singer Chris Martin says the band will not be touring new record, Everyday Life, until it can find a way to tour that is not harmful to the environment.

“We’re taking time over the next year or two to work out how our tour can not only be sustainable [but] how can it be actively beneficial,” Martin told BBC News.

He said that rather than just be sustainable, he wanted to the tours to have a positive impact, but that flights for the band, crew and gear represented the biggest hurdle to that.

These fashionistas are just not good with numbers. Flights for the band and crew are probably nothing compared to flights and car travel for 10,000 people in the audience. Look, even the ABC (not good with numbers either) can find quotes to that effect:

Stage structures need to be trucked from town to town, or shipped between continents. The band and crew, often dozens of people all up, need to be flown and bussed around. Large venues require a lot of energy to power and they produce food and plastic waste.

Berish Bilander, the co-chief executive of Green Music Australia, which campaigns for sustainability in the industry, told the ABC earlier this year that plastic waste had been the main talking point so far in the music industry.

He agreed that, based on research by UK music sustainability group Julie’s Bicycle, the biggest emissions impact with festivals and concert tours was likely from fan travel to and from events.

I’m betting Coldplay might have enough money to rent a yacht, but no band on Earth has enough money fly solar.

In other words, Coldplay didn’t have to make this a news announcement, they could have just “solved their own emissions” quietly.

h/t Willie Soon.

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