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Anyone for Christmas Drinks? Perth, Melbourne, Rocky, Friday 6th December — plus Adelaide, sunshine coast… others

Drinks, photo, beer, wine, Photo: Jonathan Rautenbach

UPDATE #2: There are Christmas drinks events in Perth, Rockhampton and Melbourne on this Friday.  Adelaide on Saturday. Sydney Dec 12th. Plus Buddina (Sunshine coast) Dec 13.    Sydney Dec 12th.  There may be others too, apologies if I’m not keeping up with comments below.   EMAIL: joanne AT joannenova.com.au. and I’ll forward on your email to the key people.

UPDATE: Other events being discussed in many locations. Do a “find” search in comments….

Perth, Australia: Party time, Christmas drinks and dinner is on from 6pm Friday 6th December.

We are lucky enough to have spectacular views, a central location, free parking, and just $20/head for steak and salad. Beer and wine for sale. Families welcome. No speeches.  If you’d like to come, I’d love to see you there Friday week from 6pm — email me to find out where this quiet, brilliant, private venue is.

EMAIL: joanne AT joannenova.com.au.

For other skeptics in other cities (even in other countries)  — why not organise something? I’ll mention it here… let’s get skeptics together. 

Photo by Jonathan Rautenbach on Unsplash

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