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How dare you steal my dreams for a sensible democracy!

Adam Bandt, Greens MP, set up a  Parliamentary Committee on Climate Action which aims to declare a Climate Emergency in Australia. Five Liberal (conservatives) have signed up to the chicken-entrails committee.

Rowan Dean has a message on Sky News for Tim Wilson, Dave Sharma, Jason Falinski, Katie Allen, Angie Bell and Trent Zimmerman, said in a Swedishy indignant voice

How Dare You!

You have stolen my dreams and my hopes for a sensible conservative government with your empty words like renewables and climate emergencies.

People are being conned, people are being hoodwinked,

Entire educational standards are collapsing before our eyes…

 I would add: How dare you wreck a perfectly good civilization based on nothing more than inept simulations from an immature crystal ball gazing science, staffed with B-grade, aggrandizing pretenders that hide declines, fiddle data, and think namecalling is an analytical technique.

How dare you exploit the weak minded, inciting the gullibles to break the law and glue themselves to crosswalks!

we are in the middle of a mass hysterical climate delusion,

and all you can talk about is meeting our Paris commitments.

How dare you throw away the legacy of the Menzies years, by joining this neo marxist mad greenie socialist climate cult,

You say you are liberals and that you believe in nationalism but I don’t trust you because you are globalists….

and that would mean that you are evil and that I refuse to believe,

How dare you pretend that this is about anything other than trying to shore up your own seats at the expense of the poor and the sick and the elderly, who must freeze through the winter, and have no air conditioning through the summer…

If you vote for a climate emergency I say we will never forgive you…

One day we will be pulling out of Paris whether you like it or not.

h/t GreatAuntJanet and AndyG

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