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Adaniphobia: Ministers cry, Anti coal protesters glue themselves to a crosswalk

Master Plan: Let’s fight extinction …by gluing ourselves to a road.

Lo! Australia voted, and the large Adani coal mine magically emerged from eight years of red tape. But the anguish has just begun. Rebels are gluing themselves to main roads to stop traffic in Brisbane. The Environment Minister admits she shed tears and just yesterday was caught using the word “devastated“. On Friday, there’s a national day of “action” (or inaction perhaps, on crosswalks).

This is only going to get worse. Its the logical end in a country with no conversation. It makes sense if you think the world is going to end. In a mature community they’d hear other voices. In Australia, they hear The ABC.

So what does it take to get in the national media these days? Two people lie down…

Climate change protesters glue themselves to Brisbane’s busiest street

Protestor glued to road

Rage away. The passers by are not enthused.

Two climate change activists have shut down one of Brisbane’s busiest streets this morning after they glued themselves to a zebra crossing.

by Natalie Wolfe

Brisbane commuters are furious …

Ebony, glue girl, speaks:

“I’m not fighting, I’m speaking up for Mother Earth. We have to stop all of this bulls**t that’s hurting. We can all feel it. We cannot lie anymore, we have to tell the truth,” she said via social media…

Sergio similarly glued himself onto the road to fight extinction…

 Count them:

Three other Extinction Rebellion protesters stood nearby and held a banner that read “Business as usual = Death”.

 Five people = a protest.

A Facebook event for the protest was created before this morning. It said the motive was to “give commuters a little shock”… The protest is not sitting well with Brisbane commuters, with one commenter on social media even calling for the pair to be jailed…

Serge did a science degree so he could glue himself:


Serge at the Extinction Rebellion Brisbane road blocks to take a stand against extinction: “I grew up in South East Queensland. I thought going to university and studying science could help save us. Turns out we have the science and it’s governments subduing that science…

If only someone had taught Serge what science was.

h/t Pat

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