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UK declares Climate Chastity Vow (it’s a Groupthink Emergency)

In a win for the Summer Fashionthink Parade,  the UK Parliament has declared a Climate Emergency

UK FlagIt’s has all the legal meaning of a Chastity vow, has no scientific definition and was not voted on. It’s purely symbolic — as such its main role is to add social pressure on weak minded M.P’s and be a shot-in-the-arm for green-group fundraising. It’s a PR achievement, a worthy footnote in Marketing 101, but what it isn’t, is democratic, rational or the voice of the people.

This is what you get when you let 16 year olds dictate national policy.

What does it mean? Whatever you want:

What is a climate emergency?

Prof Chris Turney (of the $2.4m  Antarctic stuck-ship fame).

While there is no precise definition of what constitutes action to meet such an emergency, the move has been likened to putting the country on a “war footing”, with climate and the environment at the very centre of all government policy, rather than being on the fringe of political decisions.

Nearly half a million Britons died in World War II. So far, man-made climate change has killed no one. The worst storm in British history was three hundred and sixteen years ago. The population is booming. Food is bountiful to the point of being a health hazard. The biggest climate problem Britain faces is the indoor one — whether the poor can afford the kind of safe efficient electric heating that no one had one hundred years ago.

The aim of the Climate Chastity Vow is pure psychology:

The UK Parliament has approved a motion which mandates nothing:

ABC: ” …the declaration on its own does not mandate action on climate

BBC: “This proposal, which demonstrates the will of the Commons on the issue but does not legally compel the government to act, was approved without a vote.

The Independent: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called for the motion to set off a wave of action from parliaments and governments around the globe”.

The man who tabled it hopes other governments might do the things his own nation isn’t agreeing to. This makes it kind of like a global chain letter, then?

It appears the aim is to fool people into thinking that action is happening and momentum is building at a time when electricity bills are really the issue and the momentum is in electing right wing parties. The real protests are not the ones obedient school children do but the tens of thousands of grown ups who’ve been protesting by the thousands every week for months.

On twitter this is #ClimateEmergency

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