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Earth hour becomes the Power Hour tonight at 8:30

Tonight celebrate the Power Hour and your incredible good luck

In the hundred thousand years since homo sapiens came to be, people have fled bondage, wars, small-pox, dysentery, died from minor scratches, starved to death, been ravaged by lions, stricken by cholera, and survived ninety thousand year stretches of abysmal ice age.  We lived in the darkness for 99,900 years.

It’s your chance to show your commitment to fighting the forces of darkness.

Some of those fossil fuels have been waiting for 100 million years to return to the sky. This is a lot of fun to do with kids.

From past years festivals of light:

Things you can do at 8.30 on Saturday:

  1. Turn on all the lights you can find (bonus points for incandescents from the stash.)
  2. Put on the party lights, the patio light, the pool light, the mozzie zappers, unpack those Christmas decorations. Get out your torches. Switch the movement detector spotlights to continuous operation. (Involve the kids — they love to help).
  3. Light your backyard with the landcruiser headlights! (Don’t flatten the battery, make sure you keep that engine running.)
  4. Don’t forget those bar radiators — revel in that infra red! (Light the kitchen with the ones in the oven and grill.)
  5. Eat Argentinian Lamb steak, Danish butter, Argentinian Cheese, Belgian Chocolate, and Californian Oranges.
  6. Drink German Beer and or French Champagne. Drink toasts to coal miners, oil rig workers, and power station staff.
The  Competitive Enterprise Institute runs Human Achievement Hour.
There is only one type of Freedom – and all else is servitude, slavery or tyranny.
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