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Kids protesting to change weather are “heroic” but grownups in yellow vests are unnewsworthy

 Are children driving this or is the media?

A bunch of children are being hailed as heroes for skipping a day of school in order to get better weather for their 120th birthday party. Imagine the thrill of importance for any 17 year old “said” to be wielding this power. This is rock-star stuff.

 How teenage girls defied skeptics to build a new global climate movement

[by Tara John, CNN] A thick smudge of gold glitter on her right cheek belied the fact that [Anna] Taylor, 17, has taken a leading role in organizing a protest that is expected to see hundreds of students walk out of class across the UK on Friday.

“Hundreds” eh? Keep that figure in mind.

Meanwhile adults in yellow vests go to expense, effort and take risks to mass protest week after week and the TV ignores them

As Rafe Champion says: What is happening in Paris? Not much according to the MSM.

“There appears to be a different story to be told, but who would know?”

Week 13 and 50,000 people are still taking to the streets in an extraordinary leaderless protest.  The Italian deputy PM personally went and met with the yellow vests and invited them to Rome. Police have had to block yellow vest protestors from crossing the border to join up with Italians. The French ambassador to Italy has been recalled, and the French government is officially “not happy”. President Macron is talking about holding a national referendum with 3 months of public debate on climate change, taxes, public services and democracy. France hasn’t had a referendum since 2005.

This phenomenon is entirely unprecedented but apparently not that newsworthy. It’s not like the media have spent twenty years telling us that everyone wants “climate action” and that was totally wrong.

Instead of wanting to stop storms, these adult protestors “want to live in dignity”. They “want to be heard”. Must be nutso.

The media reporting (such as google finds it) seems to be keen to report any violence, damage or injury as if this were a football match brawl or simply declaring that the movement is shrinking. Our ABC still adds a box to coverage: “What is the yellow vest movement“. The caption says it’s just “fuel taxes”, not a political phenomenon protesting elitist rulers, high taxes. The linked page tells us Everything We Need To Know is stuff like “violence“, “hoods“, “masks“, and “graffitti“. The phrase “largely peaceful” sneaks in to paragraph 4 to be immediately neutralized by telling us that “some” unnamed persons who may be people at the local coffee shop, are calling the protests the worst in over a decade and even anticipate the unrest leading to civil war.   That’s a lot of negative words in “everything we need to know”, some of which have not even happened.

Tweeters tell a different story. See #YellowVests. Who needs the ABC when there are a thousand reporters on the spot?

Reuters tells us that the French people are saying Enough! and want the protests to stop. But ignore their headline and read their fine print:

While a majority of people support the movement, two in every three believe those still protesting each weekend in Paris and other cities are not representative of its early ambitions.

Lo, someone did a survey and someone else can interpret at least one question to say what they want to say. If the French media is like ours, French people probably are sick to death of hearing of fires and violence (which Craig Rucker told us were radical lefty infiltrators). Imagine if there were interviews with normal looking people in the crowd instead.

Imagine there was actual public debate on TV?

The media IS the problem

h/t Rafe

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