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Climate change spreads AIDS

Yesterday lots of people died and made the climate change. Today climate change is causing more AIDS and killing people.

It all goes to show that climate change is the most useless phrase in the English language.

It’s able to be used in so many contradictory ambiguous ways, as to mean everything, and therefore, nothing.

It’s useless to anyone who wants to convey information, but pretty handy for those who want to convey fog instead. Anyone want to prey on the good-but-confused?

How climate change is undermining the war against HIV in Africa

Widespread poverty and worsening droughts, floods and other climate risks make Africa particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change

Climate change is always 50 shades of evil:

Yaounde — Teenage girls growing up in Lesotho in areas hit by harsh drought and other climate shocks are more likely to drop out of school, start having sex earlier and contract HIV, researchers say.

Even the IPCC doesn’t really pretend in their scientific hearts that we can predict or attribute the causes of drought and flood, yet here it gets bundled in with “climate change” as if everyone knows that droughts are getting worse (they’re not) and are caused by coal plants.

In a study looking at the link between climate change and HIV infection since antiretroviral (ARV) treatment drugs became widely available in Sub-Saharan Africa, researchers found that severe drought threatens to drive new HIV infections.

And here was everyone thinking that droughts would prevent AIDS.

In the urban areas of Lesotho researchers looked at, droughts were linked to an almost five-fold increase in the number of girls selling sex and a three-fold increase in those being forced into sexual relations.

In Lesotho more than half  the population lives on less than $1.90 a day according to World Bank, and 55% grow their own food, making them particularly vulnerable to drought.

So poor people will suffer more from bad weather than rich people. We needed a study for this?

UN dilemma: Should we try to reduce AIDS by changing the weather, or helping the poor get richer.

Hands up who wants to stop AIDS with solar panels?

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