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Pied Piper 2018: Australian students skip school for mass protest

By David Evans

The BBC in Sydney reports:

Thousands of Australian school students have urged greater action on climate change in protests across the country.

The students skipped school on Friday to highlight what they say are inadequate climate policies by the Australian government.

On Monday, Australian PM Scott Morrison rebuked their plans for “activism” during school hours and insisted his government was tackling climate change. …

The idea started with Milou Albrect and Harriet O’Shea Carre, both 14, in the state of Victoria. … Milou said: “We want our government to acknowledge publicly that climate change is a crisis. Stop digging coal, stop making new coal mines, switch to renewable energy.” …

Jean Hinchcliffe, 14, saw the idea to protest grow in Victoria and decided to start one in her home city, Sydney. … “Everyone, all young people, we can see that climate change is a real issue and we’re completely sick of politicians’ inaction.

Like with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, what would change their minds? How can we convince them they have been misled?

When eventually the carbon dioxide theory is proved to be quite wrong, what will this generation think? Will they ever trust the government again, as they sit in their rented apartments with zero heating and pray for the Sun to come out and warm them?

Would any of the protestors know of this: Here is a recent graph with the only reliable temperature data we have — from satellites. Satellites cover almost the entire planet, they do not rely on thermometers in artificially warming locations, and past readings are not adjusted so as to exaggerate recent warming.

UAH 1979 - 2018
The actual trend warming is 0.13 degrees per decade for the last 40 years. The climate models, from 1979 (when they first “went public” in the Charney Report) until today, predict that our rising carbon dioxide should cause a warming trend of about 0.30 degrees per decade. Indeed, the oldest firm prediction of the IPCC is from 1990, and was for 0.30 degrees per decade — at least 0.20 and at most 0.50 degrees per decade. Something is wrong, isn’t it?

What if the temperature rise of the last three centuries (the coldest time for centuries was about 1680 and the trend has been up since then) was due to indirect solar forces, and is now pooping out and going into reverse?

Who is responsible for brainwashing these kids?


UPDATE: From Avi Yemini via Tim Blair’s blog (thanks Popeye26)

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