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In 2018 Climate change caused “disastrous” loss of 0.1% of World GDP

Warning: PR Stunts Ahead.
It’s serious folks: If you use models that don’t work, extrapolate, exaggerate, and spin the runes properly, at worst, man-made climate change caused “100 billion dollars of damage” in 2018. It’s another BIN moment (a Big Irrelevant Number).

To put that in perspective, the GWP (Gross World Product) is around $100 Trillion dollars. So, all that inflated climate damage rained upon us and 99.9% of the global economy wouldn’t even notice.

Climate change-induced disasters cost nations at least $100 billion in 2018, says watchdog

News, AFP, AAP, BBC, maybe ABC, CBC, CNN, CBC, everyone with a channel.

As reported by the same people who say “If you want heart surgery, ask a doctor.”

The bill for climate-linked disasters in 2018 is estimated to be more than $100 billion according to a leading UK relief organisation.

A Relief Charity added up these numbers. They couldn’t possibly have anything to gain by inflating them, could they?

From floods to extreme heat, 10 of the worst climate-linked disasters in 2018 caused at least $A120.8 billion worth of damage, says a study released by the charity Christian Aid.

I don’t think they meant to tell us that Antarctica was fine…

Extreme weather driven by climate change hit every populated continent this year, the British relief organisation says, warning urgent action is needed to combat global warming.

“This report shows that for many people, climate change is having devastating impacts on their lives and livelihoods right now,” said Kat Kramer, who heads Christian Aid’s work on climate issues, in a statement on Thursday.

Yes, it was the strongest storm since an even stronger one hit 50 years ago:

Topping the list were hurricanes Florence and Michael, which caused an estimated $A24 billion and $A21 billion worth of damage, respectively.

Michael was the strongest storm to hit the continental United States since 1969, and killed 45 people in the US and at least 13 in Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

 In 1969 CO2 levels were 322ppm, a wonderful 80 ppm lower than today. If only we could return to that and get storms  …just like Michael.

The BBC even found some tea leaf statistics:

Research published at the time showed that the rains accompanying Hurricane Florence were made 50% worse than they would have been without human influenced warming.

But the rains could have been 50% better if they were calculated on models that worked. We’ll never know.

Notice how the “warmest years on record” have ballooned out from the “hottest single year” to the hottest five, hottest ten, now top 20:

The 20 warmest years on record have been within the past 22 years, the United Nations said last month, with 2018 on track to be the fourth hottest.

Imagine hypothetically that the last warming was cyclic. To keep using the word “hottest” PR hacks would have to create an expanding progression as the warming peaked, plateaued, then ebbed. Just sayin…

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