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Jo nova explaining how to Destroy Electricity Grids in Munich — Oslo — London

Laugh at madness of the Climate Follies Downunder

I’m delighted to be speaking in Europe and the UK

 How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Electricity Grid in Three Complicated Steps

It takes skill, money and blind faith to trash decades of good engineering.

Find out how to achieve state-wide blackouts, flying squads of diesel generators, and a tripling of wholesale electricity prices in just five years. Admire the virtue signalling ambition of a nation that controls just 1.5% of human emissions yet is trying to change the global weather by sacrificing its largest export earner and main source of electricity.

Australia once had some of the cheapest electricity in the world to one of the most expensive, even though it has more coal and uranium per person than almost any place on Earth. As renewables go in everywhere, businesses are closing. Even in a sunny and windy nation, seductive free “clean” energy turned out to be a poisonous gift because of all the hidden costs. Hospitals are turning off “spare” lights. Retailers are paying customers not to use electricity and national assets that took two generations to build are being blown up.

The quest to stop storms in 2100 leaves a trail of political turmoil — it has already unseated three Prime Ministers and yet there is no solution in sight.

It’s a mix of engineering, economics, politics and psychology. We talk duck curves, frequency, and dissect the spectacle of a modern industrial nation unravelling at the seams. How much further can it…

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