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Update On Joanne’s Tour

By David Evans

Joanne’s talk at the European Institute for Climate and Energy’s (German acronym EIKE) 12th International Climate and Energy Conference in Munich was well-received, she reports. It was live streamed, but I cannot find it on YouTube yet. (If anyone finds it, or something else interesting at the conference, email me and I’ll post it.) Here’s a description beforehand of the conference in English.


She met with lots of the organizers and speakers, and — paraphrasing — reports that they are aware of us and like us here in Australia, but kind of forget about us, though they are always impressed when they notice us.

Apparently the German audience was very interested to hear that Australia is making a contest of it with Germany, into who can plunge fastest and furthest into climate economic-suicide. There seems to be some notion that the Germans are doing it partly out of a sense of guilt from WWII, incredibly enough — surely it’s past time to dispel that sense? Also out of a sense of duty, they say. Our excuse? Just general virtue signaling and feeling wealthy on the part of our opinion-forming elites I suppose, coupled with a complete lack of due diligence.

She’s off to Norway for a talk today, then to London where she will be delivering a talk at GWPF entitled “How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Electricity Grid in Three Easy Steps”.

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