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Scott Morrison reveals his hand as Pro-Renewables RET man — forced thanks to Turnbull

Australia’s new PM, when pushed, is a mini-Turnbull. The RET is the toxic renewable energy target, the guaranteed gift to unreliable, uneconomic performers. It’s the cancer on the system that makes the cheap generators die. At it’s best, the RET is theft through electricity bills to support industries in China in the hope that storms will be nicer in 2100.

Scott Morrison has assured key crossbenchers he will not dump ­renewable energy targets as he hedges against the possibility of the Coalition losing the Wentworth by-election and finding ­itself in minority government.

Morrison’s hand is forced thanks to Malcolm Turnbull, because of the Wentworth byelection to be held October 20th. Turnbull didn’t have to resign in a one-seat majority government, but he did. When you look at how well his resignation works for the Labor Party and the green-freeloaders, how could he say “No”?  Thanks to Turnbull being such a bad choice as PM, he lost so many seats he could barely form government, so every byelection now means the entire government is up for grabs.  His “safe” seat is no longer safe. Labor are well ahead in the polls there on Wednesday. Ponder that this was a blue-ribbon seat, won with a 62% primary vote in 2016.

For a party “turning right,” the inner city Wentworth seat is a risky one to toss in the air. From this fragile position, Morrison had only two dark choices: 1/ pander and capitulate to stay in government for a short time, or 2/ be brave, speak the truth, and pull the Federal election trigger, a tough call when the party is so behind in the polls. He chose “to pander”.

Turnbull has handed Morrison a poisoned chalice

Without calling for a Federal election, Morrison has to capitulate to the left in both the Wentworth seat and to the independent crossbenchers who might theoretically keep him in government even if the Libs lose the byelection.

If it [The Liberals] lost the seat, the government’s numbers in the House of Representatives would fall to 75, forcing it to rely on the support of two independents to fend off confidence motions if Speaker Tony Smith remained in the chair.

So Morrison has to throw away the best election winning strategy of the Libs in order just to stay in government for a pitiful ‘nother six to nine months until the next federal election. Therefore he will go into it as a Turnbull-lite version, without the base support, the donors, and any strong argument, and the Libs will likely lose.

The winning easy option for any conservatives around the world is the Abbott-Trump-Dean plan. Morrison can’t play that on climate now thanks to Turnbull’s parting gift, or he looks like a liar. Presumably the cross-benchers will play their immigration chips next and bolt that topic down too. The spineless Liberals cannot point out the stupidity of using our generators to control the weather. They can’t explain how stupid and sacrificial Paris is, nor how badly the RET drives our prices up. They can’t point out that every country with renewables pays more for electricity. They can only say the Labor party are right, but they’ve taken it a bit too far. You can’t Axe a Tax that you want to half do yourself.

Turnbull’s resignation is a win for the Labor party-globalists any which way

Either Labor wins the seat and threatens a vote of no-confidence that could bring down the government, or the Libs win but lose the conservative base in doing so.

Turnbull is not even bothering to hide his true lefty colors. He is doing everything possible to destroy the real conservative base — tweeting to put pressure on Dutton who almost beat Morrison and sits in a very marginal seat. It’s hard to believe he was PM of a conservative government merely weeks ago. Takes a true Narcissist-in-chief to so shamelessly bomb his own party.

Why are the Libs in dire straits? They believed the ABC

The Libs romped home in 2013, but find themselves in this pathetic position because in 2015 weak willed and gullible MP’s in a strong 90 seat government tossed aside the landslide winner and instead installed the ABC’s favored candidate.

Conservatives and libertarians, anyone who fears the slide to the gimme-dat side of politics, better get organized. Time to write letters to editors and ministers, to study the pre-selection rules, pick the decent candidates, get email lists running and send donations to people who work to keep the nation free.

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