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Silence to save the Planet! Stop debates, chuck hissy-fits, and hope no one notices.

The alarmist case is so strong they will Not Discuss It.

Right now, the world is going to hell and expert scientists need to convince the doubting masses that they face a dire threat. They have rock solid evidence. Do they:

  1. Patiently answer questions with graphs and data.  or
  2. Shout “fire” and ask for 89 trillion dollars, then tar those who disagree as pedophile-nazi-loving-idiots, throw a tanty and refuse to answer questions.

Obviously, expert scientists make mistakes.

Michael Bastasch | The Daily Caller

Climate Alarmists refuse to debate skeptics:   “We are no longer willing to lend our credibility to debates over whether or not climate change is real. It is real. We need to act now or the consequences will be catastrophic,” reads the letter signed by 60 self-described “campaigners.”

Beware — balanced articles can kill people, cause floods! Run, Run…

From the letter:

In the interests of “balance”, the media often feels the need to include those who outright deny the reality of human-triggered climate change.

Balance implies equal weight. But this then creates a false equivalence between an overwhelming scientific consensus and a lobby, heavily funded by vested interests, that exists simply to sow doubt to serve those interests.

The readers of newspapers and viewers of news are too stupid to see that climate scientists are the smartest people in the room.


Running chicken from debate, while declaring that the debate is over, must be the oldest trick in the grade-school Handbook for Con Artists. What’s really amazing is the cowards at The Guardian (BBC, ABC, CBC etc) can’t see it.

Hat tip to Marc Morano who has flown to debates to find his debater has run chicken.

In another instance, Hollywood producer James Cameron cancelled a debate with Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano in 2010, Morano told The Daily Caller News Foundation in 2014.

“In 2010, I was set to debate Hollywood producer James Cameron after weeks of negotiations, only to have the debate cancelled at the last moment when my plane landed in Colorado for the debate,” said Morano, a prominent  global warming skeptic.

But it was the smartest thing Cameron could do at that point (apart from becoming a skeptic). Morano would have rolled him.

See the Daily Caller link for more.


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