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In Australia free speech costs $68,000

Say you want to speak something you believe to be true, but it may offend or upset some people. Violent thugs threaten to turn up. In Victoria the police bills the non-violent speaker — in this case $68,000 in order to keep the peace.

How is this not “protection money” and with the police working in cohoots with bullies?

Andrew Bolt:

I am calling out Victoria’s Police and their masters in the Labor government. Why are you cooperating with violent fascists of the Left to stop conservatives or people of the right from holding meetings? This $68,000 bill to protect Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux is a disgrace.

Tim Andrews, AustralianTaxPayers Alliance

Rather than going after people who actually cause violence, the Victorian police are trying to shut down a legal, law-abiding speaker and prevent her from giving a lecture. Because of threats made by some Marxist thugs.

This is just not on.

If you believe – like I do – in freedom of speech, then join us in our campaign and contact the Victorian Government to demand action. 

This goes to the very heart of freedom of speech in Australia. If the police can force someone to pay $68,000 or else be silent, then freedom of speech in Australia is dead. If anything, shouldn’t the people responsible for violence be given the bill? Apparently not in Victoria today.

It doesn’t matter if you agree with Lauren or not – this isn’t about her, this is about the fundamental right to freedom of speech.


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