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EPA exodus of staff and scientists

Posted By Jo Nova On December 23, 2017 @ 6:04 pm In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

This is what winning looks like.

The NY Times reports on Droves of Scientists Leaving EPA

WASHINGTON — More than 700 people have left the Environmental Protection Agency since President Trump took office, a wave of departures that puts the administration nearly a quarter of the way toward its goal of shrinking the agency to levels last seen during the Reagan administration.

This is 700 of 15,000 employees. The cuts started under Obama (“blame” Republicans) and is just the start:

The cuts deepen a downward trend at the agency that began under the Obama administration in response to Republican-led budget constraints that left the agency with about 15,000 employees at the end of his term.

…the administration is well on its way to achieving its goal of cutting 3,200 positions from the E.P.A., about 20 percent of the agency’s work force.

After skeptical scientists have been sacked, exiled and subject to RICO threats, NOW they worry about “silencing” scientists?

Many also said they saw the departures as part of a more worrisome trend of muting government scientists, cutting research budgets and making it more difficult for academic scientists to serve on advisory boards.

Let’s talk about real silencing. Out of thousands of workers, how many vocal skeptical scientists do the EPA employ? Anyone?

This is a deep-state agency, which was being used to bypass American voters and Congress.

James Delingpole says  “Christmas is here”.

As Dennis Ambler argued at the time in this Science and Public Policy paper:

The EPA is effectively no longer under the control of the US Congress; its allegiance is to the UN and implementation of the policies of Sustainable Development via Agenda 21.

No tears lost:

The junk science of the Endangerment Finding was in turn responsible for Obama’s monumentally destructive Clean Power Plan, which drove up energy prices, hit U.S. economic competitiveness and killed jobs.

Anyone who thinks it’s sad that 700 EPA officials have lost their jobs should maybe consider the 50,000 workers in the U.S. coal industry alone who lost their jobs as a result the EPA-enforced Clean Power Plan.

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