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Burn more oil and feed the world

Climate change causes … more crops.

Climate change threatens our food supply, our grain harvests. It causes wars, droughts, sometimes floods, shorter growing seasons. And we all know Climate change is here. We can see it out the window. Plus 2017 is one of the three hottest years ever.

Somehow all these bad events happened at once and added up to the world’s largest cereal crop ever.

Climate Change, threatens crops, media headlines.

It’s doom gloom and fume all the way down:

How a warming world is threatening suppliesThe Guardian

Climate Change May Reduce Some U.S. Grain Harvests by Half– Bloomberg

Record cereal production leading to record end-season inventories in 2017/18

World Cereal Production

“World wheat inventories are currently pegged at an all-time high despite a downward revision since October. Global stocks of rice and coarse grains are also set to reach record levels. The increase in wheat and rice stocks largely reflects an anticipated accumulation of inventories in China, whereas for coarse grains, the expansion reflects higher end-of-season maize stocks in South America and the United States.”
— FAO Cereal Supply and Demand Brief
If you care about the poor and starving, drive your car, then sell it and buy a bigger car, drive across your nearest continent. Then do it all again.
Before the world shifts to nuclear power (which it surely will) get that plant fertilizer out of the ground.
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