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So what? 15,000 scientists sign warning but 30,000 scientists are skeptics*

Skeptical scientists outnumber the unskeptical ones

The “News” today: 15,000 scientists have signed some 25 year old repeat failed climate doom prediction. Headlines are everywhere.

So today is also the perfect day to point out that ten years ago 31,487 American Scientists, including 9,029 with PhD’s signed the Global Warming Petition Project warning that there is no convincing scientific evidence that man-made CO2 will cause catastrophic heating, and that agreements like Kyoto (and Paris) are harmful, and hinder science.

Opinion polls are a measure of sociology rather than science, but since skeptics win them, go forth and spread the word and shine a light on media bias, as well as on the large unheralded mass of skeptical scientists across the world.

The Petition Project was better done, done years ago, done twice, and has twice as many names on it.

Don’t miss the opportunity to pop in on the same journalists that think a list of 15,000 scientists doing a ten second internet form is newsworthy, but 30,000 checked and accredited scientists signing and mailing a paper form is not. Let them bask in their hypocrisy. Turn the screws on their cognitive dissonance. Be polite. Enjoy their struggle.

For the most part, the media actively ignored 30,000 scientists probably because it didn’t fit with their religion, their own voting preferences, or because they were afraid people they call “friends” might call them a names and stop inviting them to dinner. Cowards. (Let’s talk about being brave: Art Robinson, who organised the Petition Project, later ran for Congress, and his three youngest children all had their PhD’s simultaneously canceled, snatched or dismissed by none other than Oregon State University — the same place that this new “poll” is hosted — OSU. That kind of industrial bullying and entrenched corruption is what keeps the weak and gullible following the line. Which journalist that “Fights for the Planet” is brave enough to speak up for one PhD student?)

Fallacies piled on hypocrisy

The Petition Project was supposedly debunked because only 0.1% of the signers have a background in climate or meteorology. But if we must play that game, the skeptical petition lists 341 meteorologists, but I notice the believers list only has 32 people with “meteo” in their qualifications or institute. Watch the commentators shoot down the doomsday poll for the same reason. Or watch …crickets.

Being serious for a moment, the real proportion of skeptical meteorologists is more like 50:50 according to proper polls. When will believer-journalists admit the awful truth that climate scientists — many of whose careers hinge on the importance of a “crisis” — are so pathetically unconvincing that they can’t even persuade half of meteorologists that their predictions are meaningful?

Just because climate scientists have a vested interest doesn’t mean they are wrong, but on what planet are smart honest climate scientists unable to convince even meteorologists?

Mindless Stats on the Doomsday Warning signatories

Fully 3,000 or 20% of these scientists are ecologists and 20% have “biology” in their qualification or job title. If “Orthopaedic Surgeons” views on climate don’t count, why does a “legume” specialist matter? Let’s hear the scientific debate on that one. Should we rank scientific disciplines, score points, conduct polls and see which theory makes a touch-down?

In other curious stats, the Petition Project included only Americans, but the doomsday poll is 80% non-US^.  Apparently believers had to reach all over the world to collect up even half the names that skeptics assembled.  Other national keyword tallies in the doomsday poll include Brazil: 1,799; Kenya: 47; Nigeria – 23: Cuba – 6.

Rah.Rah.Rah. These kinds of numbers are meaningless in so many ways. A simple word search will turn up phrases in the names, titles, and institutes. There are double counts. People who qualified in one area, work in another. People with Nobel Prizes in physics get called “deniers” while people with no science qualifications get given Nobel Peace Prizes.

Consensus science is a fallacy from the start.

Read more about the remarkable man that is Art Robinson, a biomedical researcher who lost his wife tragically young, but as well as all the other things he achieved, he raised their six kids and also set up a homeschooling curriculum used by thousands of children. Inspiring.


Bart Strengers, Bart Verheggen and Kees Vringer (2015) Climate Science Survey, Questions and Responses, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, pp 1 – 39.

^ A simple keyword search:

*It’s all a fallacy. Just stop!

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