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Unthreaded Weekend

Shots from Geographe Bay, SW WA. I won’t be winning an award for these, but it was kinda cool.

Whale jumping.

They were having fun.

Whale, splash, photo.


Showing off:

Whale leaping.


Judging by their very long flippers, dorsal fins, and the time of year, these were humpback whales which grow to 30 – 50 tonnes, and 15-18m longĀ  (medium sized for a whale). They are heading south for the summer to feed around Antarctica. They are apparently pretty friendly and curious, popping up to check out boats and allegedly even flirting, playing around and occasionally rescuing other species of whale and dolphin.

We were on the beach, the zoom was 64mm – 155mm (yes it did not look this close). Holiday house generously supplied. (You know who you are, thank you! :- ) ).

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