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Aussies eating junk to get better weather, old coal plant increases 73,000% in value in two years

Funny things happening today in Australia:

Australians are cutting back on Fruit and Veges to pay electricity bills:

Since eating raw fruit and vege is associated with lower mortality, efforts to stop people dying of climate change in 2100 may be killing people today:

Australians are cutting back on basic things like fresh fruit and vegies in order to keep the lights on with the National Debt Helpline taking 14,000 calls in September — a record for the month, and up 14 per cent on the same time last year.

Dying stranded coal plant increases in value by 73,000% in 2 years:

The NSW government sold Vale Point power for $1m two years ago. It’s now valued at $730m:

In November 2015, the NSW Government offloaded Vales Point Power Station — an old, polluting coal-fired plant on the shores of Lake Macquarie — for $1 million.

Last week,… Sunset Power quietly released its latest financial reports — revaluing the Vales Point Power Plant at a cool $730 million.

Over the past year, Vale Points’ owners gained $380 million from electricity sales from the power station, compared to $270 million for energy generated during its last full year of state ownership.

Gas pipes from the Northern Territory and coal seam gas in QLD may rescue the East Coast.

The first gas is due from the Northern Gas Pipeline next year.

…plans to widen links between the east coast energy network and the Northern Territory’s gas fields, as well as new Queensland gas sources due to come online before the end of the year, may drive down gas prices due to increased supply.  The Northern Territory government’s proposed gas pipeline has expanded its scope to supply gas to the eastern seaboard, via Queensland and South Australia.

Queensland gas company Senex Energy will this week bring 30 new coal seam gas wells online, with production to begin before the end of the year.

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