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What is the sound of a dying planet?

UPDATE: It is apparently funded by the Arts Council England. Couldn’t we guess?

A new climate forcing, let’s call it Musikiness, will change the upper trough-o-sphere:

Climate change data is being transformed into beautiful symphonies

What is the sound of a dying planet? Translating hard facts into feeling is the issue of our age – and it is the task Climate Symphony have appointed themselves. A collective of artists and scientists, the London-based team are inspiring action by transforming climate change data into music.

Listen at the link

Wait til you see what it can do. This is a pretty powerful tool:

“Climate Symphony has developed a side-project – calling out lies in politics.”

“We want to create a formal record,” she says, “A method of fact-checking the things Trump is saying, of finding distortions. It’s revealing. You’re looking at it, and listening to it, and you find that it’s distorted. It’s all distorted.”

Musikiness could replace the US GAO. (Who needs auditors). But I worry about what happens if they use the wrong key.

Finally, twenty years late, EcoWorriers care about transparency and “hard facts”:

“…it isn’t just background noise…  music is the data.   “These are still hard facts – that’s the beauty of it.”

The data used is derived from a range of sources, all with the emphasis on transparency.

Climate data has been accumulated from NOAA and Nasa (sic)…

But what if the symphony is using adjusted data and it’s wrong — It’s not the sound of a dying planet, but a homogenized one?

I bet raw data would sound better. (Do you want to tell them or should I?)

Still, this may be the tool the Goddard Institute of Space has been waiting for to make their climate models work.

Borromeo and her team at Climate Symphony, including co-director Katharine Round and composer Jamie Perera, chart this data across musical notation, working with meteorologists, conservationists, sound artists and investigative journalists. Every bar of music in Climate Symphony is equivalent to one year of scientific data – with recordings amassing a total of 20 years from 1994 to 2014.

That’s a lot of “experts”. (Wonder who paid for them.)

Climate change is an area of politics in which facts are all-too-often purported as fiction.

In this case the facts are purporting to be “music”.

With these concern about transparency in politics, Borromeo stresses that Climate Symphony is committed to peer-reviewed science.

Yes, because all good artists are committed to supporting the grant-machine, sorry, establishment.

I’m glad these people are not building our bridges.

From public rallies to government legislation, Borromeo hopes that “any and all of these things” can arise from the project. Her message is simple: “Existence is resistance.”

Existence is resistance? It takes so little effort to be a reactionary these days — just keep breathing.

The warmists now want to transpose,
Climate data into work they compose,
For alarmists and greens,
As homogenized, means,
In their symphony, anything goes.

 — Ruairi

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