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Wastebook 2016: PORKemon Go — US Gov burns $5b on stuff like payments with peanuts

Porkemon Wastebook 2017

Who knew the US government accepted loan repayments in peanuts? And what happens to the $74 million dollars worth of peanuts that come in? They could pay politicians with it…

Other waste identified by Senator Flake  in Wastebook: PORKémon Go, includes a study that found girls are more likely to play with Barbie dolls than boys are. Nearly $2m was spent on holograms of dead comedians. The IRS, not so surprisingly, says the IRS doesn’t waste tax dollars. Flake points out they spend $12m on an email archiving service in 2014 that they never even installed.

If the US government spent $12 million on using the sun to model the climate instead, it would be about 0.1% of what they’ve spent on models driven by CO2 which still don’t work after 20 years of tweaking.

Public relations and advertising amounted to a total of $1.4 billion.  US national Debt is nearly $20 trillion.

Press Release

Among the 50 examples of egregious federal spending uncovered in Flake’s 2017 report are a program that accepts peanuts for loan repayments, a computer that binge-watches Desperate Housewives, and a study into what happens when you put a fish on a treadmill.

Highlights from Flake’s 2017 edition of Wastebook include (click links to view related footage and other content):

Read the National Enquirer or download the PDF. Weep. Be glad someone is tracking this.

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