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US Election: Avalance of corruption found against Clinton

 As I said, “It’s the Corruption, Stupid“.  The US election is far beyond policy disputes. Do the people care if their leaders make personal profits by selling out the nation? As Linda Tripp says: “That this is not chilling to much of the nation is the most chilling of all.”

We are in danger of being swamped in the details and emails: too much to process, when so many sub-parts would be election-changing on their own.

“FBI Clinton Foundation probe finds ‘avalanche’ of corruption evidence against her – but agents fear Justice Department will stop her going on trial”

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The US Election — latest Fox news piece:


She of two faces

The latest Wikileaks shows again the gap between the Clinton public persona and the real one. Clinton has been caught telling one Democrat Representative that she was “‘only pretending to oppose the TPP  in order to get union support but would sign it when she was president,’ write Trump advisers Peter Navarro and Curtis Ellis.”    — Breitbart


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Trumps Latest Ad.

Linda Tripp discusses Hillary Clinton — Breitbart

With a federal criminal investigation of the possible president-elect underway, President Obama might well issue a preemptive presidential pardon on his way out the door. Imagine that. Pardoned before inaugurated. Or she will find a way to pardon herself for “the good of the country.” It will simply never end.

Hillary’s incessant scandals over decades have morphed into an odd sort of national vaccination, immunizing her from accountability while hypnotizing much of the nation. In the face of pervasive corruption, it has been reduced to so much white noise. With much of the country asleep at the wheel, she is days away from likely becoming our 45th President. The colossal Clinton con will have achieved riches, greatness and immortality and that is unthinkable to those of us who knew them both.

Not so much Pay-to-Play as Pay-to-Pardon?

By now we’ve forgotten the most infamous pardon of them all. That was bestowed on Marc Rich, the notorious perpetrator of the greatest tax fraud against the United States in history. Among other things. As a permanent resident on the FBI’s Most Wanted List, fugitive from justice Rich was probably the least likely person on the planet one might expect to receive a presidential pardon. Unless you knew the Clintons. So, let’s review. Denise Rich paid close to half a million dollars to the Clinton Library. She paid at least $70,000 to Hillary’s senate campaign and even donated $10,000 to Bill Clinton’s Legal Defense Fund as he futilely fought the Paula Jones lawsuit. And that is all we know about. All in a day’s work for the Clintons. Few paid attention. Sure, short lived outrage ensued, but our Pravda-esque media ensured the pardon coverage was brief. Most importantly, the Clintons’ paydays were never in any jeopardy.

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Finally when there is so much about greedy selfishness, here’s a nice bit of old news:

Trump paid off a widows mortgage 1986 so she could keep living there:

Feb 2016: The daughter of a woman whose family farm was saved nearly 30 years ago by a last-minute intervention from Donald Trump praised him during a campaign stop on Tuesday. Betsy Sharp told a Trump-friendly crowd in North Augusta, South Carolina, about her father’s suicide in the face of a bank foreclosure and the billionaire who paid off the mortgage so her mother, Annabelle Hill, could continue to live there.

Lenard Dozier Hill took his own life in 1986 on the morning his farm was to go to a courthouse auction, believing that his life insurance would pay enough to save the cotton and soybean plantation that had been in his family for more than 100 years. He never knew his insurance policy had an exemption for suicides.

At least one former endorser of Hillary Clinton has had enough on Huffington Post: Fed up with the indifference of the people around the corruption.

Why I Can No Longer Support Hillary Clinton

I’m aware of how vindictive Clintonians can be. I’m not speaking about the Clintons themselves, but of those surrounding them. Perhaps the saying is true: dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres. Your staff, your donors, your surrogates, and those you surround yourself with are a reflection of who you truly are, no? If not, why not curb any unacceptable behavior? Silence, indifference, or inaction is as incriminatory-at least to me. There has been no repudiation, let alone denunciation, of what was said in those emails-just denial, finger pointing, and doublespeak. To appoint the very same folks who carried out many malicious behaviors to tip the scales for Hillary is just as unpardonable. Why reward unethical behavior? It’s mind-boggling.

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