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US debate: It’s no accident climate change is ignored — it’s a poison pill a pollie would prefer to hide

Climate change is not ignored in the election, it’s hidden, because most voters don’t care, and don’t want to pay.

US election 2016, logo.Perplexed! Vox and others just can’t figure out why climate change is being ignored in this election.

“That’s 4 straight debates without a single question on climate change.”

Oh no?!  Humanity is about to destroy civilization and Brad Plumer wants to know why ” the most powerful nation on Earth can’t set aside five minutes to discuss.”

Plumer obviously hasn’t read the polls, but the Clinton team will have. It’s no accident that Hillary Clinton dropped any mention of climate change after she had neutralized Bernie Sanders. His fans are the only ones who care. Tom Steyer tried in the 2012 election and wasted 74 million dollars achieving almost nothing on the back of the “climate” scare.

Poll after poll shows that the public are happy to say they “believe in climate change”, and don’t mind if “the government” wants to give their grandchildren nice weather.  But don’t ask them personally to pay: when their money is on the table, the awful truth is they don’t believe the experts, and they don’t want to spend their own money. The poll results are devastating:

More than half of western voters are skeptics

In the UK, 62% don’t believe in a man-made climate threat. Likewise,  most Canadians are skeptics, and when CBC accidentally admitted that unthinkable truth, then they had to “edit” the story to reframe it. (We can’t have the public knowing that most people are skeptics. Think of the momentum!). In Australia, 54% of voters are skeptics of man-made global warming, and 80% don’t donate to environmental causes or vote for it.

So bring it on, say we skeptics, get that climate talk out into the election campaign, put it front and centre and watch the voters run away from  anyone who wants to force them to pay to slow the storms.

Carbon schemes have to be hidden to get past the voters

Rarely have voters had a real choice on the climate policies — but they did in Australia in 2013, and they voted for the skeptic in a landslide. Since then, the smarter climate lobbyists know that they can only get “carbon trading” legislation if  the public don’t know its coming. The dead dog that is climate action must be hidden under some other meaningless title like the “Safeguard” mechanism. That’s how it happened in Australia. Australians voted for “no carbon tax” two times in a row, then the party threw out the PM, and the carbon tax was quietly snuck in as a subclause, a spare mechanism, that could be sold as “nothing much” if anyone discovered it, but had the potential to be amped up as needed after the legislation was passed by a House and Senate that probably didn’t even know what they were signing.



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