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Scientists find one place on Earth that climate change is good for

Lo and Behold — climate change “may” help feed the starving Ethiopians and turn the nation into a “food exporting country”.

( That sounds pretty serious. Pay billions —  Stop That Now!)

With so many climate models, sooner or later one was going to turn up something good — in much the same way that Lotto somehow “finds” the winner. Incredibly the happy possibility even made it into a press release.

Perhaps it is safe to admit that climate change may help people in a country where the UN is not wanting to scare the voters into buying carbon credits?

Where are the headlines “Burn Oil and help feed Ethiopia?”

Where are the Green NGOs who see an opportunity here to get Ethiopia on its feet? Don’t they believe the climate models —  Or is it that they don’t really give a toss about hungry black kids?

Climate change may help Ethiopia, increase the country’s access to water

A team of researchers from Virginia Tech have predicted that water availability in the Blue Nile Basin of Ethiopia may increase in coming decades due to global climate change. It could also lead to increased crop production, spur massive hydroelectric power projects, and foster irrigation development in the region.

“For all the catastrophic impacts of climate change, there are some silver linings,” said Zach Easton, associate professor of biological systems engineering. “The sad irony is that climate change may be the catalyst Ethiopia needs to become a food-exporting country.”

What if a climate model found that a wealthy developed nation (aka “a UN cash cow”) would be better off …


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