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UK government cuts electric car subsidies by half, sales mysteriously fall 75%

It’s another Green market wonder story:

The government announced last year that it would extend grants for electric cars for a further two years but halved the payments to £2,500. Around 17,500 cars were registered in the first three months of the year as motorists took advantage of the grants before they were cut.

… According to Department for Transport statistics, between April and June 4,200 plug-in cars were sold – the lowest for two years.

Biofuels international


Environmental reporters seem a bit flummoxed as to how markets work.  When times are booming it’s because of “demand”.  (Don’t say the word subsidy)

Green vehicle demand revs up as UK electric car sales quadruple 

2014 saw a surge in UK green car sales due to increased choice and a demand for lower costs and higher efficiencyreports Edie.net

When the sales disappear, so do mentions of buyers who want “higher efficiency”. Parliament gets the blame, though it never seemed to get the credit.

Spot the economic genius in 2015:

[Nick] Clegg said: “The extremely low running costs of these cars help drivers save money. Electric cars are one of the most promising of our green industries…”

Sounds pretty dire for the rest of the Green world then.

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