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Australian Election — Results


The place to get results: ABC Federal Election 2016

Federal Election Results list (Seat by Seat)

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For Foreigners watching — Australia has 150 Seats in the House of Reps. The party with 76 gets to choose the PM and form Government. The SENATE or UPPER HOUSE has 76 members — 12 for each State and 2 for the NT and ACT. This election is rare in that all the Senate seats are up for grabs, normally we elect half each time, but this is a “double dissolution” election. That hasn’t happened for 40 years. There are 15 million voters, and voting is compulsory.

Almost all the newspaper and poll predictions were for a Turnbull (Liberal Coalition) win.

8pm: Lib 57 seats. Labor 58 seats.  Booths closed everywhere now. Oakshott predicted to fail. Xenophon team look like they have a House seat (MAYO)  32% counted.

7:50pm  Eden Monaro (Bellwether seat that has always gone with the government — appears to be going to Labor. Will it break the pattern, or is it a sign to come? Hendy was very pro Turnbull, so the Delcon vote may break the historic pattern.)

7.39pm 18% counted.  Lib 53 seats. Labor 52 seats.

7:18pm Sydney time 8% Counted. Libs ahead

7pm Voting Booths have closed on the East Coast, and will close in one hour in WA.



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