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Most leading investors act like they are skeptics

Shame investors who manage tens of billions are not good at assessing risk. They are missing something big and obvious:

Half of leading investors ignoring climate change – study

Reuters:  A report by the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP), a not-for-profit organisation aimed at improving the management of climate change, found that just under a fifth of the top investors – or 97 managing a total of $9.4 trillion (6.4 trillion pounds) in assets – were taking tangible steps to mitigate global warming.

These include investing in low polluting assets or encouraging the companies they invest in to be greener.

How low is this bar. Less than one-fifth are doing anything “tangible”. To even get the tally up to a half “not ignoring climate change”, the researchers had to include a category called “first steps”, nothing tangible mind you. Perhaps someone sent an email?

Anyone might think that four fifths of top investors think climate change is a complete non-event.

A further 157 investors managing a total of $14.2 trillion were taking “first steps” towards addressing climate change, while 246 managing $14 trillion were doing nothing at all, the report said.

If only fund managers were smart enough to do a  Diploma of Environment and Sustainability at USQ. All those students would know how dangerous climate change is. One day MIT grads and Wall St Rocket Scientists will get it too.

Try to imagine a world where a major change is coming that will kill millions, drown cities, cause death, disease and reckless fish and most of the high adrenalin number-junkie ambitious guys were not paying any attention.


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