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Climate change is making us mean, ugly and racist

Don’t turn on the air conditioner. You might make someone a racist:

Climate change is spawning injustice, racism, intolerance and wars, according to author and political activist Naomi Klein. 

Got moral decay? High Priestess Naomi Klein, expert psychoanalyst, says blame the weather. John Vidal, writer for The Guardian, believes her:

“It is not about things getting hotter and wetter but things getting meaner and uglier, unless we change the corrosive values that are pitting people against each other,”…

See, some people think mums and dads are supposed to teach values, but really it’s a humidity thing.

(Obviously, the way to fight racism is with biogas.

…and maybe ethanol.)

Naomi’s thesis reminds us that when the weather was ideal — like in 1915, there were no wars and everyone liked everyone.

She urged people to make the links between climate change and conflict. “Anti-austerity people rarely talk about climate change. And climate change people rarely talk about war. Overcoming these disconnections is the most pressing task for anyone occupied with social justice.

Yes, stop ISIS now — send in the windmills!

“There is no clean, safe way to run an economy built on fossil fuels. There is no peaceful way to do it…

Because seven billion people would be at peace if they used horses, carts, ate bark and razed the tropics for the firewood.

“We are running out of cheap ways to get to fossil fuels. This sees the rise of fracking which is now threatening some of the prettiest places in Britain.”

And the prettiest places in Britain used to be 300 meters under the North Sea.  They’re gone now.

Soon frakking may ruin the rocks under Lancashire.

What we really need is colder weather. It made Napolean a lot nicer.

“Fossil fuels, which are the principal driver of climate change, require the sacrifice of whole regions and people. Sacrificial zones like the Niger delta and the tar sands in Alberta, Canada, dot the world.

If we could only pave Niger with solar panels we could spare the Niger delta.

“These zones require the shredding of treaties that enable peoples to live on their land. Indigenous rights are meaningless when the land is being [destroyed] and the rivers are polluted. Resource extraction is a form of violence because it does so much damage and kills cultures,” she said.

Paleolithic people ate treaties for breakfast and burned indigenous rights to keep warm. The violence of resource extraction destroyed the Bronze Age culture and brought the horrors of ballet.


Marvel that John Vidal of  The Guardian can write up the bible according to Naomi as if it were news? 

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