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NSW State branch of Liberals calls for National Climate Debate

As with the US, Australian conservatives are fed up with the pandering to the pompous climate scare. Our PM might “believe” but many conservatives and libertarians don’t. There is growing unrest.

Here is the NSW state branch calling for real debate — trying to rein in Turnbull:

NSW Liberals call for national debates on climate change science

Fairfax Media understands the motion passed with support of more than 70 per cent of delegates at the state council meeting held on the Central Coast last weekend.

A motion passed at the party’s state council calls on the government to “arrange and hold public debates/discussions” between scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and “independent climate scientists”.

The motion says the events should cover “the global warming/climate change debate”; “the claims by the IPCC”; and the statement “is all the science settled”.

The motions – which were debated after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had left the room following his speech – reveal the level of climate change scepticism among the Liberal base in NSW.

Sources say Mr Turnbull – known to strongly support action on climate change – was heckled by sections of the party during his speech and a large section of delegates refused to rise when he was given a standing ovation.

A few days ago the former PM Tony Abbott got roaring applause at a Liberal Party event –– more than the current PM Turnbull.  Audio here at 24:10.

Last year the Tasmanian Branch debated whether to call climate change a “furphy and green propaganda”.


h/t Jim Simpson, David.
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