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unWeekend Unshreaded

Anything left to shread…?

(Sorry, the weekend unthreaded went AWOL).


If C.S.I.R.O. employed now twice their quota,
It wouldn’t change the climate one iota.

Mark Steyn on tour must have a lot to say,
Deserving of support in every way.

Now global warmists want us to believe,
That warming caused by man makes cats conceive.

It seems that phytoplankton in the sea,
Can regulate Earth’s temperature for free.

Those schoolteachers who dare break climate ranks,
Know more than warmists and deserve our thanks.

A Minister at home may face disgrace,
Then claim to save the planet,to save face.

With warmist short-term forecasts all askew,
They run for cover with the long-term view.

The plant food CO2 is brought to book,
As warmists let real toxins off the hook.

That heatwaves long ago were much the same,
Must mean that man today is not to blame.

An independent climate-change review,
Is good for science and long overdue.

— Ruairi

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