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Carbon causes PTSD (Stressed, anxious, violent? Blame climate change)

Once there were no storms, the climate was perfect and everyone was nice to each other. Then people got air conditioners to make the climate even more perfect, and God was not happy. Along came droughts, floods and plagues and everyone got post traumatic stress disorder.

Humans are just not designed to live in a world where the seas rise 1mm a year. (What,we can’t run fast enough?)

The news on our mental health is dire according to a report from the National Wildlife Foundation (on climate change only the Experts are right, but in other fields, anyone can have a stab, right?).

 In America, 200 Million People Will Suffer ‘Psychological Distress’ From Climate Change

So Grok hid in a cave and made it through an ice age, but the modern pajama-boy will have a panic attack if the world warms by one degree.

Hands up who wants a paleolithic health-plan? Their babies died of dysentery. They ate snake soup or they starved, but somehow the tough-nuts who survived evolved into Five Star Pansies.

The Psychological Effects of Global Warming on the United States,” examines the hitherto undiscussed effects of increasingly prevalent extreme weather, sea level rise, drought and other impacts of climate change on mental health. How will we cope with a changing world?

But really cyclones were so much more fun when we lived in bark-huts. No one cared if the house blew away — they just popped up another one. It was like that with babies too right?

The climate hasn’t changed in the last 18 years, imagine the damage that sort of “change” can do? Seems more likely to cause  deep disillusionment as so many heroes turned out to be gullible patsies or people on the take. There’s a scenario for depression when today’s teen finds out the ABC, the CSIRO and “profs” were all selling schemes to change the weather  which had no chance of success.

Since we’re talking about mental suffering, how about the stress caused right now to sufferers of real PTSD whose condition is now being used for political points. “I got my PTSD because it didn’t rain, how about you?”

Are you feeling uneasy? It could be the first signs of Climate change.

H.t Climate Depot, and see also Eric Worrall at WUWT.

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