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Climate Deniers Anthem — Slick expensive parody only has one old joke

Bravo for the full gloss, hi def, professional production, top editing, audio and camera work. It probably cost a motza, paid for by Climate Truth (formerly Forecast the Facts). So the side with lots of vested interests pumps the myth that the unfunded volunteer grassroots opponents are all funded by fossil fuels. (Projection anyone?) It’s the one and only cannon in their arsenal.

They use all the best intellectual weapons of the leftie toolkit: namecalling, bad manners and swearing.

If only it had a joke?

Like other attempts to be funny — the big-gov-pandering-fans-of-authority just can’t do political satire. (It’s by definition, really.) The video works as pap entertainment to keep believers from straying — it’ll help keep the Gullible Smug feeling smug. But on the rest of the population it will help skeptics more than hurt them.  It takes a special kind of brainwashing to “know” droughts are  worse and summers have never hit “ninety” degrees before. (Lordy!) But without any real surprises or ironic insights there are no gags for the mainstream audience. How funny is the line “fossil fuels are useful”? Laugh your socks off.

You can rate it “Funny” or “Die”  at bottom of the video.

“Climate Change Deniers’ Anthem” starring January Jones, Jennette McCurdy, Darren Criss, and many more…

Now If the Kochs want to fund me I’ll do a real parody, an Ode to Believers. Here’s a starter:

We Own the World

Give us all your money. A tax will make it sunny.

Tesla cars will make it rain.

If we work together, windmills change the weather,

and solar stops the storms.


If you don’t believe me, I’ll call you nasty names.

You are a dinosaur denier.

An old white man, a liar.

A Christian right wing nutjob.

Just a worker. I’m the Green Blob.


I’m so smart, I’m an independent thinker,

I believe everything my rulers tell me,

cause the government is never wrong.


We are so farsighted. We are Pajama Boys united.

Give us your subsidies, for all our companies,

that sell stuff no one wants to buy.


Readers can help develop this ;-). Send in your suggestions!

Thanks to Nick Basile from Funny or Die for sending me a copy. Yes I do want to share.

The Washington Post headlines this as  Stars spoof Koch Brothers in new climate change music video.

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