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Beautiful to watch: Davies UK M.P. quotes IPCC in Parliament as a reason to be skeptical

This video gives me hope. Finally we are starting to see more sane commentary in western parliaments. David TC Davies MP shows how politicians can master enough of the scientific details on this debate to crush the usual bumper-sticker trite “consensus” hogwash. He talks of Roman warming, the Medieval Warm Period, the Younger Dryas, the age of the Earth. It’s high school science type level, but more than enough to expose some of the silliness. He also counters the “climate change denier” tag. He cites just enough key numbers to back up each of his points. His skill here is in prioritizing the numbers that matter. Here’s hoping a few of the silent political skeptics will feel more confident to speak out. The bullying and namecalling breaks when enough people stand up to it. That’s coming.

No one I’ve ever met has ever suggested the climate never changes…

Even the IPCC is not saying that most of the warming [since industrialisation] is caused by humans …

It is absolutely certain that the more we rely on renewable energy the more we have to pay for it. No politician from any party should be running away from this. They should be willing to go out and make the argument if they think we should be paying more … but none of them are. Nobody thinks it’s a good idea to increase energy bills…

Mr Davies is a former worker at a Steel Works, and a former Special Police Constable.

The official David Davies MP webpage and Davies personal website. 

h/t Willie Soon, and Lou M.

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