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Breaking: Terrorist atrocity kills 127 (+200 injured many critically) in France


Paris is under seige — Multiple terrorists arrived with AK 47s and bombs strapped to themselves in six separate attacks. The latest toll is 153 127 dead, and France has closed its borders. Our thoughts go out to the victims of these pointless atrocities, to all of their friends and families, and to all of France, in shock.

The Bataclan concert hall was attacked and people taken hostage, “at least 112” killed.  A SWAT team arrived and over 100 hostages were released.  A suicide bomber attacked the Stade de France (the national stadium). President Holland had to be evacuated. There are gun attacks as well. There are reports of 14 people killed by gunshot at Le Petit Cambodge, a Cambodian restaurant.

Information from the CNN live update page.

Sky news Paris ‘bloodbath’ kills at least 160

UPDATE: Islamic State (ISIL) have claimed responsibility.

UPDATE: Death toll appears to be 127 plus 200+ injured, 99 critically.

Graphic sad stories in The Telegraph are rolling in.

With between forty and fifty thousand people converging on Paris in two weeks to start the UNFCCC COP21 meeting the obvious question is security and safety of everyone. WattsUp points out some journalists are asking if Paris will still host the climate talks. I find it hard to believe that massive conference-junket would be changed now, though some attendees will be feeling very anxious and some will drop out. Security will obviously be ramped up, but if every restaurant is a target, how safe can safe be? I expect the leaders could be closeted away in a secret location — the rest of the conference was mostly a cabaret. Given the size of the “theatre” and the heavy media presence that would be much more difficult to manage.

Anthony Watts so aptly quotes Obama, April 2015:There is no greater threat to our planet than climate change”

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UPDATE: From The Wall St Journal / Australian

But today’s shootings and explosions across Paris illustrate the difficulty authorities in France and elsewhere face in containing a diffuse but deadly terror threat.

They also underscore the security challenge France will face when a global summit on climate change begins at the end of the month. The government this week decided to restore border checks during the summit, the first time it has taken that step in years. Over 100 world leaders are expected to attend the opening of the summit.

 * The headline originally said “over 150 killed” but was revised 10 hours later to reflect updated numbers.

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