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Secret science? What’s NOAA hiding?

NOAA, Karl, The Pause, Congress

It used to be that scientists were supposed to publish their methods, discuss their reasoning, and point out the weaknesses of their work. Now, it’s confidential.

The House Science Committee in the US is demanding with a subpoena that NOAA release internal communications related to the Karl et al study (that tried to remove the “pause” in global temperatures.) NOAA is refusing saying:

It is a long-standing practice in the scientific community to protect the confidentiality of deliberative scientific discussions.”

Yes. It’s been longstanding since morning tea on Tuesday.

The new post-modern science conversation:

SCIENTIST 1:  So why did Karl et al adjust the ocean buoy readings by a figure that is so uncertain as to be meaningless?  From Kennedy et al  0.12 ± 1.7°C. What were you thinking?

KARL ET AL and co:  snip [That’s confidential. Stop this now. We’re feeling harrassed!]

What is the world coming to if congress succeeds in exposing objective, rational discussion about thermometers?


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