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Hyper guilt trip time: Global warming linked to the health of children!

One hundred thousand years too late, the AAP warns parents that climate change can affect their children:

Today, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a policy statement that links climate change with the health of children, urging pediatricians and politicians to work together to solve this crisis and protect children from climate-related threats including natural disasters, heat stress, lower air quality, increased infections, and threats to food and water supplies.

“Every child need a safe and healthy environment and climate change is a rising public health threat to all children in this country and around the world,” said AAP President Sandra G. Hassink, MD, FAAP. “Pediatricians have a unique and powerful voice in this conversation due to their knowledge of child health and disease and their role in ensuring the health of current and future children.”

 This is the climate change that children without cars and electricity dealt with:

This is the climate change babies who are 30 and under have to deal with:

UAH global average temperatures, temperature range of last interglacial

UAH satellite data — the same range as the Vostok graph axis.

All those parents leaving their children out in floods and storms, be warned:

“Children are uniquely at risk to the direct impacts of climate changes like climate-related disaster–including floods and storms–where they are exposed to increased risk of injury, death, loss of or separation from caregivers and mental health consequences,” explained Samantha Ahdoot, MD, lead author of the policy statement

Why are paediatricians selling  out their good reputation by pandering to odious political correctness? What parent hears this and thinks suddenly “I must act now — I thought climate change only happened to adults!”

And if children in poor countries are affected by climate change, then lets get them some damn coal fired electricity.

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