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Coal is like “torture” rage Guardian, Friends of the Earth

Oops. Who hates “the environment”? Green lobbyists keep revealing  how little they care. Friends of the Earth want to categorically rule out one of the most cost effective ways to reduce our carbon emissions.  New supercritical hot burning coal plants can reduce emissions by an amazing 15%. But Friends of the Earth and The Guardian hate coal more than they care about CO2.

The green climate fund (GCF) refused an explicit ban on fossil fuel projects at the contentious meeting in Songdo, South Korea, last week.

“It’s like a torture convention that doesn’t forbid torture,” said Karen Orenstein, a campaigner for Friends of the Earth US who was at the meeting. “Honestly it should be a no-brainer at this point.” — The Guardian

Poor old solar and wind power are so useless that the debate is about whether they achieve any reductions at all.  Their intermittent power means some kind of back-up base load power source has to run on standby to pick up the pieces when they collapse. The more wind power you have, the less CO2 you save. Solar Power provides “cheaper” electricity to the rich at the expense of everyone else, and potentially destroys thousands of square kilometers of wilderness, as well as zapping birdlife. We can use precious funds to help the environment, or we can waste them…

Apparently what matters most to environmental campaigners is knee-capping independent industry and cheap energy. Judging by what actually happens, the primary aim is increasing the government sector. Every industry dependent on big-government is a friend a socialist can count on.

The EU has burned $100 billion on badly managed renewable subsidies (that’s just the waste, not the total budget). That money ended up in someone’s pocket, and you can bet they have an incentive to donate to Friends of The Earth to keep the junket-gravy flowing.

If the Guardian and Friends of the Earth want us to believe they care about CO2 levels, they need to stop choosing the worst ways to reduce CO2 as their preferred option. Perhaps they are scared that if we actually reduced our CO2 emissions people might realize that it makes no difference to the weather?

The Guardian lobbying rag didn’t ask any hard questions, do an Internet search, or speak to critics. But they did provide a free “Ad” ticker counting the barrels of oil used by the world while we read their unresearched, careless, and innumerate “report”. The oil ticker the most insightful piece on the page. So far 1.5 million barrels of oil have been used while I write this. We are an oil-powered world; 80% of our total electricity comes from fossil fuels. Thank goodness for the independent free market that provides it.

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