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Merry Christmas and Thank you. Site traffic up 20% to 600,000 people

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday period.

Thanks especially to all of you who support independent science research and commentary. Somehow both earners in this household have been drawn full time into this strange pursuit. (Just doing our best to fill some gaping holes left by monopolistic government driven research and public broadcasting.) We are reliant on your generosity, and very grateful. It’s a team effort.

Dr David Evans, my other half, the Stanford Fourier man, has continued his research. The notch-delay theory is healthy and well. Updating the solar model has been delayed while an unexpected gem gets extracted and tested. David ended up spending most of the last six months digging deep into one corner of an appendix where an unpredicted contradiction revealed itself. Potentially this is a key part of the jigsaw, intrinsic to all climate models. It was too tempting to ignore. Unlike most of the climate debate, this gem does not rely on any arguments about datasets. And it is not diabolically complex either, for the most part. We’ll be releasing news of that sometime early in 2015. We’ll also be going through the empirical evidence that supports the notch delay theory in more detail soon.

I also want to thank all the contributors, the commenters for their advice and ideas, and of course, the moderators — who work behind the scenes to help the conversation flow (and get paid nothing but thank-yous from me!)

Site traffic up 20%

Such is the power of the Internet. In the last 12 months the site has been visited by 600,567 unique users, who have looked at 3.4 million pages. Traffic is growing. Twenty seven percent of visitors were new. When I add up the data, collectively in the last 365 days  the site has occupied 101,300 hours of human attention among people from 224 countries.

Some personal messages to people I can’t email:

To Peter in SA – a note is coming your way. Thank-you! To the person who sent a letter to the PO Box in mid Dec from NSW, thank-you, too, – can you email me? (joanne At joannenova.com.au).


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