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Buy a T-Shirt to help get Patrick Moore to Australia.

Wear it to BBQ’s to spark some fun.

LAST CHANCE TO ORDER – $30.00 (includes postage)
Details here: http://ow.ly/AVgun
They need 30 more orders to reach the amount for cheaper printing



UPDATE: Responding to comments.  Messages on t-shirts do not have to be logical, grammatically correct, nor literally accurate. The more people who wear this the better.

Term “climate change” is a misnomer, but  the shirt is obviously satirical…   the “climate change” referred too is the propaganda term. Take it in that spirit. In public conversation and the media, 99% of the time when commentators say “climate change” it’s the coded form. When people at the shop read your shirt, they won’t be thinking of ice ages.

Climate Change kli-uh-mut cheenge (def): man made catastrophe caused by your SUV. Also used as a test of social worth. Good people know the correct answer. Only evil and unworthy people doubt that a tax changes the weather, or question whether a windmill could stop a flood.

UPDATE: The Galileo Movement have taken Kevin and Griss’s suggestion and added TM to the “Climate Change” in the shirts  which resolves any ambiguity. Still time to order one!

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