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Climate Scientists say extreme summers “must be” due to CO2 “we can’t think of anything else”

Tick off Argument from Ignorance from this weeks Climate Bingo card.

Scientists who can’t predict temperature trends, clouds, rain, or humidity, are telling us that greenhouse gases must have caused the extreme summer last year because, they don’t have a clue what else might have done it. Journalists, editors, and scores of conference goers apparently fell for it.

The Mercury

THE extreme temperatures that ravaged Australia last year cannot be explained by anything other than greenhouse gas, the nation’s biggest annual meeting of climate scientists heard in Hobart yesterday.

Researcher Sophie Lewis told the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society conference about her hunt for reasons behind the extreme sum­mer, which coincided with Tasmania’s January 2013 summer.

Notice the brazen ambition here — they pretend that they can predict, understand, and model “natural climate variation”:

“It is nearly impossible to explain it from natural climate variation. Greenhouse gases are needed to explain this,’’ the University of Melbourne researcher said.

So figure perhaps, that if they knew all the forces in natural variability they might be able to predict the climate?

Remember, this is 95% certainty talking to you. Basically, they are “not wrong” because no one can predict the climate. (Damn shame coming for them when some skeptic figures it out isn’t it?)

The logical fallacies are provided for public mockery by the The CSIRO, The Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, and ill-informed journalists. If only Bruce  Mounster, science reporter, had been trained in Aristotelian logic and reason. If only the editor of Tthe Mercury, Tasmania had had a proper classical education.

If only someone at the CSIRO or BOM was left who knew how to reason, and could teach Blair Trewin.

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