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Snowing in Egypt for first time in years

Many are saying it’s the first snow in 112 years, see News.com. Though there are reports the Egyptian Meteorological Authority disagrees that it has been that long. As a cold snap hits the Middle East, snow is falling in many places, including Israel, where it is said to have been the heaviest snow since 1953.

LA Times:  “In Cairo, where local news reports said the last recorded snowfall was more than 100 years ago, children in outlying districts capered in white-covered streets, and adults marveled at the sight, tweeting pictures of snow-dusted parks and squares.”

Huffington Post: ” In Jerusalem, local media reported that schools and roads were closed, and transport suspended after four inches of snow – the most since 1953. “

I hear snow in Amman is not that unusual. Still, that’s a decent kind of snowfall.

Washington Post reports that “Jerusalem was last snow-covered about 50 years ago. As these photos show, the snow has brought delight to some in the region but has exacerbated the misery of others, particularly those in the vast Syrian refugee camps,..”. The Washington Post article has many photos. Twitchy also has many shots of camels in the snow.

Plus: Over 2000 cold and snow records set in the USA this past week. Not that that means anything.

Safety Warning: This information may be misinterpreted. It is weather, not climate and it’s 95% likely a climate scientist predicted this would happen due to global warming, within non-standard variant deviations of undefined uncertainties.

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