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Terry McCrann – Fantasists try to scare us with cultural cringe

Terry McCrann pretty neatly shows the vacuity of our Climate Change Authority. We need to reduce our quality of living, change the main source of energy our civilization was built on, in order to reduce our emissions by an amount so small, that others have already undone it by a factor of 120, (and that’s just since 2009). The Climate Change Authority say that our efforts are not good enough and it would be much more realistic if the rest of the world had only undone our “achievements” by a factor of 40. Their main argument (if you could call it that) is that “the world” would not think less of us? (Like we care.)
It’s an idea so silly, it barks. This is our national conversation.
MEET the fantasists of the Climate Change Authority – an institution spawned by the deal between former prime minister Julia Gillard and her climate change minister Greg Combet with former Greens leader Bob Brown; and, hopefully, to be as short-lived as its fellow blot on the public policy landscape, the already terminated Climate Commission. –
…in the alternative universe that the CCA nine inhabit, … the entire world must have joined hands, the Chinese lion lain down with the American lamb, to agree, somewhere in all that, to cut CO2 emissions.

Never mind that the only thing that has happened since Copenfloppen is exactly the same thing that happened before it: global emissions, led by of course China, just keep going up.

In 2009, according to the US Energy Information Administration, global CO2 emissions were 30,236 million tonnes. By 2011 they had risen to 32,578 million tonnes. And last year they added about another 1000 million tonnes.

In short, since 2009, total global CO2 emissions have increased by around six times our total CO2 emissions. That is to say, by around 120 times what our 5 per cent cut would deliver; still 40 times what a 15 per cent cut would deliver.

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